Most communities of faith, and the traditions they bear, have stories at the heart of their belief. In the story-filled world we currently live in, our faith stories compete with all sorts of stories — some of which enhance and strengthen faith, and some of which challenge or diminish it. We hope that this site will give you access to some of the many tools around the web that can help you to write and share your own stories.

In this section of our site we share story prompts that have helped communities begin to tell their stories, information on how to create storyboards, resources on digital tools you can use to capture your stories, and other useful resources.

  • Episcopal Church resources for storying faith 25 September 2019
    The Episcopal Church in the US has put together some lovely resources for storying faith. Here is their main site, which includes an introductory booklet, and a full guide.
  • How stories invite empathy 15 September 2019
    Here’s an interesting essay, full of links to other resources, that is exploring how we might be “wired for empathy” and why stories cultivate emotions.
  • Unleashing the power of elders’ stories 4 May 2019
    Deborah Jorgens recently successfully defended her MA capstone project at Luther Seminary. Her paper is a lovely, concise, and eloquent description of the power involved in creating room for elders in a community to share their stories with the wider community. She was particularly focused on a Christian ministry setting that was predominately white and ...
  • Indigenous Storytelling 11 March 2019
    A lovely piece from the Duke Faith&Leadership blog about the epistemological convictions embodied in indigenous storytelling.
  • Read and watch this NOW. 3 July 2018
    This is an essay about the best piece of storytelling I’ve encountered in a long time — Hannah Gadsby’s stand-up comedy special on Netflix. Yes, she’s funny, but she’s also an incredibly powerful truth teller. This NPR essay points to some of the reasons why — but watch the special first!
  • Storying resources from a specific congregation 2 July 2018
    Here’s a lovely post about the First Baptist Church of McMinnville, Oregon, and its use of storytelling to create community, remember history, and engage people beyond the sanctuary. The post includes a variety of very useful resources for doing this kind of storytelling particularly in the context of worship.
  • Digital stories to reform criminal justice 1 June 2018
    “I’ll tell my story” is a project of the Sarah Webster Fabio Center for Social Justice. Formerly incarcerated persons tell their stories through the creation of digital stories using the CDS methodology.
  • Photography as spiritual practice 16 August 2017
    Sr. Liz Thoman, long time advocate of media education, spoke with me often about her joy in doing photography as a spiritual practice. It is lovely to see that Eileen Crowley has extended this idea and developed a website to help people engage photography through this lens.
  • Storytelling as ministry 16 August 2017
    Dr. Eileen Crowley, professor at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, has created a lovely website on “storytelling as ministry” in which she shares pragmatic resources and lovely examples.
  • How to win an election — through story 21 April 2017
    Here’s yet another Redglass Pictures short film, this one focused on how stories fund political campaigns. It’s absolutely fascinating to hear this political strategist talk about the story he told that helped get George Bush elected. This story is particularly fascinating given what happened in our most recent election.