In this section of the website we’re going to share as many resources as we can find that we think will be useful in this process. If you have a great resource to share, please email us a link. From time to time we’re also going to post examples of stories that we think could be great conversation starters (which means we might not always admire them, but we think they’re worthy of engagement). Search for those using the keyword “catalyst.”

  • August project update 21 August 2023
    This month I’d like to share the following: (1) Our project website is up and running! you can find basic information there about the workshops, as well as some beginning story prompts, and ways to sign up to participate (please share!) (2) Did you know that September 1 is the beginning of the Season of Creation in the liturgical calendar? ...
  • Interfaith Photovoice 1 July 2022
    Here is a powerful project that is using a photovoice methodology to support interfaith learning.
  • Stories have conflict 3 June 2022
    Kyle Oliver has just successfully defended his dissertation in the program at Teachers College — and the whole thing is a set of podcast episodes! More on it, soon, but here’s a taste of it engaging the reality that all stories have conflict.
  • Stories build empathy 24 January 2022
    Yet another example of how stories can build empathy, this time from our nation’s newest Youth Poet Laureate, Alexandra Huỳnh.
  • USDAC Digital Storytelling a crisis 11 November 2021
    The USDAC group, which is a collection of creative people who do justice work, held a webinar on digital storytelling in a crisis. In addition to the video of the event, they have also posted a collection of resources.
  • Datastories 30 September 2021
    A “data story” is a practice of building a narrative around a set of data and its accompanying visualizations to help convey the meaning of that data in a powerful and compelling fashion. The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island has been working with a group called FaithX to put together a data story that draws on ...
  • The Reciprocity Project 23 September 2021
    Facing a climate crisis, the Reciprocity Project “embraces Indigenous value systems that have bolstered communities since the beginning of time. To heal, we must recognize that we are in relationship with Earth, a place that was in balance for millennia. This short film series and multimedia platform, made in partnership with Indigenous storytellers and their ...
  • Storytelling for nonprofits 27 June 2021
    I’m not a big fan of the notion of “experts” — but I do think there is such a thing as expertise, and this blog post offers a round-up of a number of storytelling resources for nonprofits. Read with a critical eye!
  • Te Tai Treaty Settlement Stories 21 March 2021
    The New Zealand government has a programme aimed at increasing understanding of the past by exploring Treaty settlements and their enduring impact. The stories are powerful and such a profound way to go about doing this.
  • Stories of faith produced by the ELCA 6 December 2020
    This is a rather more produced site, but it’s encouraging to see a national denomination thinking in terms of digital storytelling.