In this part of the site we offer ideas of ways to share the stories you’ve created, along with helpful hints about copyright issues, sites that can host stories, and examples of stories other people have created to share. We invite you to share your own — either via comments on posts below, or by emailing us with longer pieces to post as complete entries.

  • Unleashing the power of elders’ stories 4 May 2019
    Deborah Jorgens recently successfully defended her MA capstone project at Luther Seminary. Her paper is a lovely, concise, and eloquent description of the power involved in creating room for elders in a community to share their stories with the wider community. She was particularly focused on a Christian ministry setting that was predominately white and ...
  • Storying resources from a specific congregation 2 July 2018
    Here’s a lovely post about the First Baptist Church of McMinnville, Oregon, and its use of storytelling to create community, remember history, and engage people beyond the sanctuary. The post includes a variety of very useful resources for doing this kind of storytelling particularly in the context of worship.
  • Lesson plans with picture books 1 June 2018
    Storypath is a site I’ve mentioned in here before, but I am reminded this morning of the excellent lesson plans that they have made available to use with strong picture books.
  • Photovoice and justice 16 August 2017
    Photovoice is both a practice and a research methodology, and it is energizing and empowering to see the ways various people are using this medium to nurture justice: Wendy Ewald, professional photographer who is a passionate advocate of photo voice work the Chiapas Photography Project, a photo voice project in the Chiapas region of Mexico Photography as a ...
  • Photography as spiritual practice 16 August 2017
    Sr. Liz Thoman, long time advocate of media education, spoke with me often about her joy in doing photography as a spiritual practice. It is lovely to see that Eileen Crowley has extended this idea and developed a website to help people engage photography through this lens.
  • Storytelling as ministry 16 August 2017
    Dr. Eileen Crowley, professor at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, has created a lovely website on “storytelling as ministry” in which she shares pragmatic resources and lovely examples.
  • Commercials for theological reflection 22 March 2017
    I frequently invite people — in my classes, in church settings — to do theological reflection using commercials. Patricia O’Connell Killen long ago published a lovely book with an excellent process in it for more general theological reflection, which I have adapted. You can download my handout, based on her book. And here are some commercials ...
  • Haven for Queer storytellers 30 August 2016 calls itself a “Haven for Queer Digital Storytellers and their friends and families.” Using the core processes of digital storytelling this site ( advocates, RainbowFamilyTree offers dozens of stories created by individuals who seek to share both the joys and the sorrows of their experiences as GLBTQ people in the world. No matter your ...
  • Biblical storytelling 16 December 2014
    Here’s a useful handout with some tips for approaching biblical storytelling well with children.
  • Ideas for presentations 26 June 2014
    There are some good ideas floating around the net for how to make good presentations. I think they offer some important clues to stories, too! Here’s some advice that originated with Guy Kawasaki. And here’s some useful advice for using templates.