February update

It’s nearly the last day of February . I have to note that I have been so busy this month on this project that my communication has fallen behind. I think that’s probably a good thing? But I will seek to do better next month.

In any case, workshops in Oshkosh, WI and St. Paul, MN brought more than three dozen people into conversation around stories of care and love for Creation. At least one has already been posted — look for Gifts of the White Deer — and more are on the way.

I have been inspired by the depth of care people have for each other, as they listen carefully. I look forward to more workshops in March and April — I will be traveling again, this time to different parts of South Dakota.

In the meantime, some pieces I can’t resist sharing:

May the perils of this world remind you of the love you bear, and deepen your sense of our interdependence.