Wonder Bread

Here is a digital story told and created by Anabel Proffitt, in the context of a digital storytelling workshop that was led by the Center for Digital Storytelling at the 2010 REA/APPRRE annual meeting. REA/APPRRE’s Justice & Peace Task Force sponsored the workshop.

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Grace and community

Here’s a digital short that explores “grace alone” (sola gratia) through a local community project. As they note, “The mission of Sola Gratia productions: to support good causes and build community through the support of good music.”

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A storytelling FAQ

Do you know what an “FAQ” is? A set of “frequently asked questions.” As I was wandering around the web today, I stumbled upon this FAQ on storytelling. The piece is full of interesting answers to questions like “why tell stories?” and “how do I learn a story?” and so on.

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Jim Gilliam

Here’s a short video that is essentially just a recording of a talk that Jim Gilliam gave at the Personal Democracy Forum in NYC on June 6, 2011. It’s a fascinating example of personal witness, however, and one’s that been very controversial in various contexts. I think it’s a great video to use as a

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