Some initial rules…

We would like you to help us test some very preliminary game ideas for a World without Churches by engaging in an offline test version. We invite you to play the game Remnants: world without church.

So what is it?

Here is the theme of the game:

The year is 2045. The institutional church no longer exists. As a matter of fact religious institutions have disappeared from society. Yet remnants of the old wisdom remain. Fragments of forgotten symbols surface here and there. Today traces of texts containing epic stories are rumored to exist.

How do you celebrate the birth of little ones, naming them and enfolding them into the community?

Where do you find the shared spaces to sing your deepest joys that rise out of ineffable, mysterious depths?

What galvanizes communities to rise up in hopeful resistance to inhumanity quelling injustice rather than just adding to the noise?

How do you say goodbye to your mother? How do you gather the memories of a life well lived and grieve beneath what feels like an empty sky?

For the next 45 minutes, we will engage in the game, we will follow the gaming exercise by debriefing, then we would like your feedback and input on next steps, questions, or concerns.


The rules:

Each group will be given an entering scenario/scene. Your scenario involves a quest assignment or task.

Your team will have 30 minutes to finish your task

Your team will have 3 minutes to perform your creation for the larger audience.

We have provided a public inventory with everyday items and remnants of past religious artifacts. You must use at least 3 items from the public inventory.

Religious language and knowledge is not common in this future world society. For example, no one has seen a complete Bible. No one knows what pastoral ordination is. There are no religious professions.

You have one wise council to whom you can ask one question along your quest
You also have a governing agent who will award badges for participation, compassion, justice, inventory, and scavenging