Mary Hess

Scenario 3

You are a group of friends gathered at a dinner table.  A young black man comes rushing through your door. He yells: “they have my mother and father!” He explains that they have been arrested, accused of providing free health care to an immigrant group of youth. In a world without churches, how do you …

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Scenario 2

You are a part of a family, your sister Joanne and her partner have adopted a baby. They have decided to name the new baby after their good friend Rachel. Joanne reaches out to you, her family, and asks for your assistance on how everyone could welcome the new baby into the family. How do …

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Scenario 1

You and your team work at Google, you are waiting for Rachel to arrive for the 9AM daily meeting. At 9: 30AM you are informed that Rachel died over the weekend. It is an unexpected death. In a world without churches how do you and your colleagues respond in a shared public way? There is …

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Remnants storyline

First draft by Ken Evers Hood: The year is 2045. The institutional church crumbling in North America in 2015 is little more than a memory today. After years of denying science, resisting changing attitudes towards the role of women and sexual minorities, leadership incompetence and clergy sex abuse the church moved from being viewed as …

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An example from school kids

Here’s a digital story that tells of the collaboration between middle school students from two very different contexts. It’s not “about” religion, per se, but it would be an interesting catalyst for having storytellers think about how to tell their stories.

Safe space?

Here is a digital story told and created by Diane Shallue, in the context of a digital storytelling workshop that was led by the Center for Digital Storytelling at the 2010 REA/APPRRE annual meeting. REA/APPRRE’s Justice & Peace Task Force sponsored the workshop.