Storytelling as sacrament

Although this blog post is not about digital storytelling, I think the points she is making apply equally well to digital stories. It might be that a congregation such as this could even consider recording the stories as they are told, and sharing them in wider contexts!

When telling a story makes it come alive again…

We are convinced that the “create/share/believe” circle is never ending, and an essential way to describe how storytelling works. You can enter the circle at any point, and go in either direction — share/believe/create, for example, or share/create/believe, or any endless number of combinations — but no matter how much we believe that to be …

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Where do you find God?

Here’s a fun contest that’s being offered by Loyola Press. As the Cyber Pilgrim notes: Loyola Press is inviting catechists and their students to be part of a contest that encourages children to explore the inspiring and sometimes-surprising ways they experience God’s presence in their everyday lives. Catechists and students can team together to create …

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Christ Lutheran

Christ Lutheran Church in Denver, CO was one of the first groups that Lynn Clark,  Jill Dierberg and the team at Denver University worked with in this project on digital storytelling as a form of faith formation. Here is their digital story: