Guestbook at Boston College

Guestbook “is an international project committed to transforming hostility into hospitality, enmity into empathy, conflict into conversation.” It has created room to exchange stories by inviting young people in divided communities throughout the world to tell their own stories, listen to the other side, and create a new history.

Computer icons

Are you looking for some useful computer icons (that is, small clear pictures) that convey various religious ideas? Check out the Noun Project, which is all about “creating, sharing and celebrating the world’s visual language.”

Story archetypes

There is immense research and speculation about archetypes, and of course stories participate in that work. Here’s a “quick and dirty” blog post on story archetypes. I’m not fond of the marketing angle, but the earlier part of the piece is interesting.

Storying peace

Surely one element of “storying faith” includes “storying peace,” a profound project for photographer John Noltner.  He has been exploring the meaning of peace, one story at a time. His website, book, and exhibition hold a wealth of stories with gorgeous photos of the storytellers accompanying them.

Geek Club Books

Storytelling can be profoundly powerful — powerful enough to change the ways in which we see each other. Geek Club Books is a nonprofit devoted to using storytelling to engage autism. They have a ton of useful resources on their website, as well as support for younger writers.

Great apps as tools

MindShift has created a handy list of apps which function well in digital storytelling classrooms. I’ve only used a few of them, Adobe Voice and Evernote, but I like those two enough to want to check out the rest of these. I have also been hearing good things about Nutshell.