While it is not a digital storytelling site, per se, the Historyapolis site in Minneapolis combines photographs from various archives with blog posts offering more information about the stories from the photos. It’s a really interesting and innovative use of historical documents woven into a set of stories for the purposes of creating engagement with …

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Healing America’s spiritual pain

That’s the substance of a profound essay by Serene Jones appearing at Her prescription for healing America’s spiritual pain? “We need a new common narrative about who we are as a country.” I won’t quote the whole essay — please read it! — but here’s an excerpt: As Americans, we have a “theological” national story we tell …

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Haven for Queer storytellers calls itself a “Haven for Queer Digital Storytellers and their friends and families.” Using the core processes of digital storytelling this site ( advocates, RainbowFamilyTree offers dozens of stories created by individuals who seek to share both the joys and the sorrows of their experiences as GLBTQ people in the world. No matter your …

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The magic of the book

I have quoted Maria Popova before in this site, as she is one of the most interesting writers and curators of storying today. Here she draws on some of Herman Hesse’s work to talk about the magic of books (which of course is also the magic of story).

Learning Dreams

Here’s a neat — and transformative — project based at the University of Minnesota which focuses on supporting learning dreams for adults, and by extension, their families. It’s not about faith, per se, but there is much that those of us who work on faith formation can learn from it.