Animation tools

Here’s a nifty comparison of two animation apps for the iPad. While you’re at Steve Thomason’s blog, check out the whole thing as he’s a very thoughtful theologian trying to engage our contemporary settings.

Learning stories, learning community

There are a couple of really wonderful programs in the Twin Cities of MN (St. Paul and Minneapolis), where young people learn leadership skills through learning media production. The Summer Media Institute of Migizi Communications is one such program: “We were originally founded to train American Indian journalists to tell their stories from their own …

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Truth in story

Alan Hurst, who writes his blog from a Mormon perspective, has a fascinating essay up about the ways in which story hold meaning in faith contexts. He’s noticed that there are some powerful science fiction writers in the Mormon community (my favorite, Orson Scott Card, among them) and muses on the roots such storying. Here’s …

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Hymn as karaoke

Well, this is not what I would call a positive example of a digital story. This is an example of digital “karaoke.” That is, you could probably sing along to this video — since the organ accompaniment is there and the lyrics are provided — but the images constrain the meaning rather than adding layers …

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Story without words

Here’s a great digital story that tells a story without really using words. Yes, there’s a song going on in the background which deepens and layers meaning, but to the extent that there is a narrative it’s one that you, as the person who engages the video, helps to create.

A train of hope

Here’s a powerful short video story about a group of women who regularly prepare and offer food to the people clinging to the sides of freight trains as they seek passage into the US from Mexico.