Guestbook at Boston College

Guestbook “is an international project committed to transforming hostility into hospitality, enmity into empathy, conflict into conversation.” It has created room to exchange stories by inviting young people in divided communities throughout the world to tell their own stories, listen to the other side, and create a new history.

Geek Club Books

Storytelling can be profoundly powerful — powerful enough to change the ways in which we see each other. Geek Club Books is a nonprofit devoted to using storytelling to engage autism. They have a ton of useful resources on their website, as well as support for younger writers.

Resources for storying vocation

The Fund for Theological Education has an excellent short — and free! — resource for embodying something they label “vocation care.” The guide has within it some powerful story prompts that get at faith formation questions, as well as useful tools and background theories for engaging them well. Look at pp. 16-29 in particular.

Visio divina

The Benedictine community originated lectio divina, which is a practice of slow, meditative, reflective engagement with scripture. The Benedictine community of St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville has been the source of the first hand illuminated Bible in 500 years — the St. John’s Bible. They have also explored a form of lectio that works with …

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